Managed Windows API Tools

A collection of small applications that leverage the Managed Windows API library to provide useful functionality.

This file lists all tools in alphabetical order. Download them from the main page.

Accessible Object Explorer (AOExplorer.exe)

This application mimics a screen reader application, but displays the information on screen. Useful to capture text that can be screenread but not copied, or to test screenreader compliance of your own applications. You can also use them to check which AccessibleObject types are used by other programs to make your own program more compatible to screen readers.

Can also be used as an example program for the ManagedWinapi.SystemAccessibleObject class.


Enhances your system clipboard by keeping everything you ever copied there (regardless of format) and allows you to paste it later. Also supports some format conversions so that you can put content into the clipboard in additional formats (and therefore avoid pasting and re-copying the content into an application that supports both formats). You can also send clipboard content to another computer via the network, if your firewall settings allow that.

Acts as an example program for the ClipboardNotifier and Hotkey classes


Saves contents of text boxes, lists and trees as text files.


Allows you to save Desktop icon positions and restore them later

Acts as an example program for the SystemListView class.


Can "guess" which programming language has been used to program another EXE file. Take the results with a grain of salt. If you want to improve this program (if you write programs in another language that is not detected by this program) drop me an e-mail.

Uses the SystemWindow and the Crosshair class.

Neat Keys

Allows you to align windows neatly on your screen, both by keyboard shortcuts and with the mouse, using a small window popping out of the system tray. Useful for presentations in front of audiences that tend to be nit-picky about your messy screen layout.

Uses the SystemWindow and Hotkey classes.


A very simple macro recorder to record a macro about something you need to do a lot now and never need it again

Acts as an example program for various types of hooks, for hotkeys and for the ShortcutBox class.


Can make screenshots of parts of windows quickly and align them like "sticky notes" on your screen. Those notes remain on top. Useful, for exmaple, if you read a PDF file and often have to refer to an illustration in that PDF while you continue reading it. You can also draw onto those notes or add short texts.


Check which files and folders eat your disk space. Slower than the original, but with more options.

Uses the ExtendedFileInfo class.

Volume Fader

Allows to change the system volume, and also fade it between different settings automatically.

Acts as an example program for the Mixer classes.

Winternal Explorer

Allows you to explore the internals (window handles, processes, accessible objects) of your system and modify their properties.

Acts as an example program for the SystemWindow and SystemAccessibleObject classes. Also useful to get properties of windows you want to track with your own application.